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Paperways is the cure to our wanderlust,

Paperways is the cure to our wanderlust, with a minimalist approach to design for the savvy adventurer. A brand identity that's always on the move, we're taken along on its endless journey and transported to lands afar. Clean, contemporary lines, shapes, and patterns coupled with durable construction transform everyday stationery into bold statements for the home, office, and beyond. Developed in 2008 by designer J.Han, Paperways strives to incorporate eco-friendly recycled materials into every possible stage of the production process and is now under the care and attention of designer Boram.

In 2008,

Pansydaisy met J.Han to discuss a new brand with her illustrations. But at a early stage meeting, she brought her own handmade notebook, and this impressed Pansydaisy people. The notebook completely changed the project concept, and that was the beginning of Paperways.

In 2009,

Paperways was launched, and got an international awareness at Maison & Objet in Paris in January 2010. The first work were Gluememos. sticky notes. At that time, except cute character products, most graphic design sticky memos were not so special. Very simple, efficient and functional. Paperways wanted something different.

In 2010,

Paperways' second release range in September 2010 brought this brand the global awareness. Patternism notebooks, mini notebooks, and deskpads series was a big success. Paperways stockist list included many upscale European stores, and more people could meet Paperways design.

As a brand grows,

we are trying many various things. We are expanding the product range, and we do many collaborations with various industries. One of our main motif is "travel," and many products have travel theme design. Actually, design is like travel. Meeting unexpected moments is exciting. The process and business of a design brand is also like travel. We love that.

Maison & Objet, Paris

Maison & Objet, Paris in January and September is our main international show, and new designs are released there. We look forwards to meeting you there. The upcoming September show stand number will be K54, Hall6.

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